Moschatel Ltd

About Moschatel

At Moschatel our main aim is to provide excellent service.  The whole ethos with us is focused on operating in a way which ensures that the needs and expectations of all our customers are fully met in a manner that is second to none.  We care deeply that every order should go out on time and be of the best quality.  We endeavour to make sure that our promises are kept to enable you to keep yours.

In the last 20 years Moschatel has grown to become the most trusted garment decoration specialist in the UK.  Quite simply, we know what we are doing in badging.  Our expertise is fully at the disposal of all our customers.  From first point of contact we will talk to you to ensure that we fully understand your needs.  Over 80% of our customers are known personally by one or more of our three directors.  We choose not to work 'at arm's length' and customers can discuss their needs with senior people at any time.  Where we identify a more cost effective or better way of doing something, we will share it with you.

Moschatel is unrivalled in its reputation for technical expertise in any type of transfer onto any type of fabric.  We will always be among the first to try and test new ways and types of badging, ensuring that our customers benefit from advances in technology and fabrics.

Moschatel service .... think where you'd be without it.