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Helmet Stickers

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Our stickers are made with premium quality 50 micron cast vinyl film.  They have been tested by leading manufacturers of safety helmets and offer a quick but ‘removable when needed’ way of identification to suit ever changing contracts, environments and circumstances.  This means the design can change rather than the expensive helmet!  Back, front or side, square or shaped, big or small, we’ll help you make the right choice….

Features ...

  • Extremely durable
  • Salt spray resistant
  • Printed on clear or white vinyl
  • UV light resistant
  • Minimum order of 25
  • No setup cost
  • Integrity of helmet not affected by adhesive

Performance ... 

Attaching temperature conditions: Minimum +10 degrees C

During the placement process, stickers should not be subjected to excessive pulling, as this may result in stretch, causing pleats, bubbles and loss of shape.

Application ...

  • Helmets
  • Glass
  • Hard, smooth surfaces
  • Durable outdoors

The stickers are supplied with a carrier / backing, which must be removed and the product applied to a clean, even surface to avoid creases.

stickers swatch