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Category: Reflective

A reflective badge designed to greatly enhance the night-time visibility of the wearer, this product also adds the dimension of identification to this safety feature.

Its material will appear brilliant silver-white when illuminated by a light source. There are standard sizes available and we are also able to create badges in specific shapes using custom cutters where required. Reflek has also been found suitable for application to heavy duty holdalls, giving a high degree of adhesion and wear and tear. Single and multi colour options available.

Features ...

  • High reflectivity
  • EN471 accredited material used
  • Reverse or direct print
  • Small quantities catered for
  • No setup cost
  • Stock logos available in set colours:
    (Red) Fire Marshal, Fire Warden
    (Green) First Aider
    (Blue) Security

Performance ... 


Reflek Care Symbols


Suitable for ...

  • High visibility garments
  • Waistcoats / Vests
  • Outdoor Jackets
  • Bags and Holdalls

Reflek Samples